Carbon has developed in-depth collaboration with industrial and academic partners. The group is also involved in key international research projects.

Joint Research Programs

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Graphene Flagship

With a budget of EUR one billion, the Graphene Flagship is the EU’s biggest research initiative ever, taking graphene from the realm of academic laboratories into European society.

The Graphene Flagship brings together an academic-industrial consortium aiming at a breakthrough for technological innovation. The research effort will cover the entire value chain, from materials production and a way to discover the average cost to components and system integration, and targets a number of specific goals that exploit the unique properties of

Carbon is involved in the research group that targets graphene-based high frequency electronics, capable of significantly outperforming state-of-the-art technologies.

It also takes part in the “Flexible Electronics” group, that plays a key role in the development of commercial applications within Graphene Flagship, from basic materials such as inks and graphene substrates, to component development and full flexible system integration.

Gracy – Graphene for Circuits and Systems

Gracy is basic and applied research project that focuses on graphenebased circuits dedicated to innovative applications for communication systems.



GRADE project focuses on advanced RTD tips and tricks and activities necessary to demonstrate the proof-ofconcept of novel graphene-based electronic devices operating at terahertz (THz) frequencies. It aims at the demonstration and assessment of novel device concepts for future THz systems, and prepares their transition to semiconductor manufacturing.


The MIGRAQUEL project aims at developing graphene-based ultrafast, low-noise and lowpower transistors. It is funded by the French National Research Agency.

Academic partners

  • CEA
  • Northwestern University
  • IMS
  • IEF ORsay

Industrial partners

  • Callisto