Graphene nano-devices

Flexible electronicsOur team can design, develop and characterize a wide range of graphene nano-devices to match various potential industrial applications: Nanoribbon FET on SiC, RF characterization, transfer on materials, flexible supports, etc.

Our technology platform include three molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) chambers, dedicated to III-V material, HIPAC and graphene growth, and are coupled together with the ESCA analysis chamber under ultra-high-vacuum.

Two chemical vapor deposition systems enable the growth of Si and Ge nano-wires and graphene growth on metals.

Characterization tools provide structural (X-ray diffractometer, atomic force microscope and scanning electron microscope), surface (ESCA), electrical (Hall effect), optical (photoluminescence, micro-photoluminescence), thermogravimetry and mass spectroscopy in-depth analysis.