Carbon nanotube devices

Our team’s research belongs to the most advanced in the world. Our lab has achieved stat-of-the art performance with Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor (CNFEl) obtained with solution of sorted walled carbon nanotubes, with Ft = 80 GHz.

Using samples containing 99% pure semiconducting SWNTs, we achieved operating frequencies above 80 GHz.
This record frequency does not require aligned SWNTs, thus demonstrating the remarkable potential of random networks of sorted SWNTs for high frequency electronics.

Carbon has also developed a high impedance measurement technique to achieve HF characterization on nano-structures, up to 220 GHz.

This research program is conducted with CEA MEL, ENS LPA, IEF Orsay, MTA (University of NorthWestern).


Carbon nanotube devicesCarbon nanotube devices