Achievements of the Gracy Project

High-mobility CVD graphene growth

Carbon and partners succeeded in growing high-mobility graphene on copper and transferring it onto silicon without quality degradation. We also managed to enhance electrical properties, raising mobility from 1600 cm2V-1 s-1 to 3200 cm2V-1 s-1. Growth technologies used are scalable and pave the way for near-future industrial applications.


Achievements of the Gracy ProjectAchievements of the Gracy Project

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High-performance graphene-based transistors implementation

Processes used to build transistors are constantly and improved to achieve near state-of the-art high-frequency performances. Our research published here notably investigated metal-graphene contacts, evaluated various engineered materials and mobilized e-beam lithography to improve devices structures.

Compact graphene-based models and demonstrators

The Carbon team and its partners implemented compact graphene-based GFETs that enabled circuits optimization routines and industrial applications evaluations (manufacturing constraints and processes).

We are currently developing the first graphene-based LNA (both hybrid and integrated), by pushing towards the optimal performance limits of our devices in terms of frequency, gain and noise figure. Using state-of-the art design techniques, we will be soon able to achieve proof-of-concept demonstrator circuits. These circuits will be tested on wafer in the lab and on an industrial platform for the hybrid LNA.